A Transitional Home for Women Veterans Is Opening in Winchester, Kentucky

Lady Veterans Connect recognizes that there are a growing number of women serving in the military and as they are exiting the military, they have become the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Lady Veterans Connect is committed to changing that statistic. In order to meet the growing need, Lady Veterans Connect is opening their second transitional home in Winchester, Kentucky where up to 32 women veterans can live in a 12-month transitional housing program where they can heal and receive the support, services, and programs needed to become the proud women they were when serving in the military.

A second phase is being planned to build 6-8 cottages on the property where single mothers with children can live while the mothers are participating in the program. This will also allow them to have privacy to build a bond with their children while healing.

Lady Veterans Connect is accepting applications for residency at the present time. The application is on our website: www.lv-connect.org or by email: info@ladyveteransconnect.org.

Lady Veterans Connect

  1. O. Box 34033

Lexington, Kentucky 40588

Phone: 859.806.4297

Email: info@ladyveteransconnect.org

Website: www.lv-connect.org

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