Lady Veterans Connect changed my life. They helped me get the help I needed for so long. Beside helping me get counseling, I changed my whole outlook on life. I began loving myself again and became the strong person I used to be.


Lady Veterans Connect and Sheppard’s Hands made a major difference in my life! From the 1st. day I stepped into this program I entered the “High End” of homelessness. Being homeless has never been so beautiful and empowering. Being here gave me a home, a place to heal and restore my hope. It gave me a chance to take a personal inventory and discover my purpose and destiny. And now I am moving on to higher ground! But I could not have done it without the Sheppard’s Hands. Thanks for everything.


I wanted to share my exciting news. Last year at the honor flight dinner, I was speaking with someone from the Kentucky Historical Society about my time in the military. I mentioned being one of the first women on a carrier. They called today and want to display my picture along with my cruise book and cruise jacket from my time on the carrier. I owe so much to you and Lady Veterans Connect for this honor. I didn’t know anything about honor flight and because of your organization I have had so many opportunities come up for me. LVC truly is about so much more than just homeless women veterans and creating opportunities for them. Thank you for everything

Mary Jones