• Life Skills
  • Interview Coaching
  • Career Readiness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Trauma Counseling
  • Veterans Health Care Assistance
  • KY Department of Veterans Affairs Assistance

Orientation Phase

  • Introduction to the home, staff, and program
  • Obtains identification: Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, and DD214 (must have DD214 with honorable discharge before being admitted to program)
  • Registers at Veterans Administration hospital for healthcare (physical and mental)
  • Begins orientation expectations
  • Meets regularly with a Team Leader assigned to work with her
  • Chores and responsibilities are assigned including keeping room clean, keeping common area clean based on assignment of responsibilities, assumes responsibility for preparing her meals, and cleanup afterwards

Phase One

  • Establishes goals and maintains commitment to all orientation phase responsibilities
  • Continues treatment at the VA hospital for trauma therapy with counselor
  • Begins a health and nutritional analysis and begins an exercise routine
  • Completes a six-week financial literacy training program to manage finances
  • Begins employment training classes
  • Creates a resume

Phase Two

  • Continues to meet and set goals and maintain commitment to all Orientation and Phase One responsibilities
  • Obtains employment – at least 20 hours per week
  • Establishes a budget and begins to work her financial plan to reduce any debt, begins paying program fees, and save for reliable transportation and safe housing for the future
  • Establishes checking and savings accounts
  • Continues trauma therapy with counselor at the VA
  • Manages schedule and transportation needs
  • Complete six hours of community service per month
  • Becomes a big sister to a woman veteran in Phase One

Phase Three

  • Continues to meet and set goals and maintain commitment to all Orientation, Phase One, and Phase Two responsibilities
  • Establishes an after-program strategy to establish healthy boundaries
  • Completes a transition plan including a timeline, housing, transportation, and support
  • Completes 15 hours of community service

Phase Four

  • Transitions into new home
  • Commits to follow up with Team Leader on a weekly basis for 120 days

If you would like a copy of the Phases of the Residential Program, please download file below.