Anna’s House can take-in up to 32 female veterans; located in Trapp Kentucky – a relaxing county setting to escape from it all. Conveniently located 500 feet from a rural general store with a deli and gas station; 5 miles away is the nearest Dollar General store and 10 miles from our facility, is the city of Winchester. 

The application process can take a few weeks to a few days to process. We may have additional questions along the way, so it is good to save our numbers and check back with us to make sure things are going ok. 

Is Anna's House a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility?

No. Anna’s House is not a drug and alcohol rehab facility.  We recognize that many homeless female veterans may have issues with drugs and alcohol. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, we suggest you attend a drug and alcohol treatment facility first. We can make some recommendations to different programs, please feel to reach out if you need that assistance. The application can still be completed and we can plan to save you a spot after you complete your rehabilitation.

Because residence may have had issues with drugs or alcohol in the past we have made our facility a drug and alcohol free campus.

I have been staying with different friends and family, because I don't have a place of my own. Am I considered homeless?

The short answer is, No. But you are “at risk” for becoming homeless. Read more on the differences between Homelessness and Housing Instability (below). The great news is, Anna’s House is designed for those either homeless or “at risk” aka experiencing housing instability.  Please complete our application.

Our solution based program will help the Veteran determine the reasons this “lifestyle” began and we will aim to troubleshoot ways to remedy the situation. It takes time, so our program is based on a year, in order for the veteran to obtain income either through services and programs they are qualified for, or to find gainful employment. This aspect and the other steps to getting on their feet are explained in the phases of our program. 

Learn more about the program here.


Is there a Difference between Homelesness and Housing Instability?

Housing instability

Housing instability can lead to homelessness. These individuals lack the resources or support network to obtain or retain permanent housing. This often happens because there is difficulty paying rent, experiencing interpersonal hardships, frequent moves, or staying with relatives. This often looks like couch surfing or living on voucher programs provided by various non-profits or organizations.


Person’s experiencing homelessness do not have a lease or mortgage or have a title to a home that they live in regularly. They may reside in 1.) places not designed for human beings (i.e.: parks, under bridges, or abandoned buildings); 2.) places not ordinarily used for sleeping accommodations (i.e.: in a car, bus or train station, camping ground); or 3.) may be living in supervised shelters or drop in facilities. 

I have a cat. Can I bring my pet?

Service animals are permitted that have the proper accreditation.  Pets however, you would want to consider having a friend watch your pet while you are in our one year program, or release the animal to a shelter. 

I was dishonorably discharged, is there any way you can help me?

Filing a housing application will not hurt. We will want to discuss the reasons for your discharge and see if we can help you with housing and other mental health services if you are in need of those. 

Sometimes dishonorable discharges can be reversed depending on the situation, which would entitle you to many other Veteran benefits. We would be happy to discuss your situation with you. 

If we  are unable to assist you, we will provide you with referrals to other organizations and facilities. 

My husband has given me a black eye a few times when he is drunk. My sister says I need to leave him, but I am scared. Can you help me?

Domestic violence is a serious. We are a safe place to come, while we ideally have structured our program for a year, special circumstances may present themselves and we will be glad to talk to you about safe shelters and what your long term housing and safety plans may be. We can also recommend counselors and other services if you are in need of those. . 

I have been living in my car with my children. Can you help me?

For various liability reasons our program can not accommodate children at this time. We have started the process to have small cabins built on the property and have hopes to handle single mothers and their children.  We will only be able to refer you and the children to other organizations and make recommendations to other programs which may be able to provide assistance.

I just feel stuck, I don't have energy to look for housing, I just want to give up. I feel so abandoned.

You are not alone. Our mission is to provide Hope, homes and healing. Housing is just a small part of what we do. One of the successes that we have had is plugging women in with other veterans and helping them find their confidence.  One of our veterans has said the biggest issue with at risk veterans is they lack a support network, and they no longer have a mission. IF you are not ready to make a commitment to our program, and you feel you have gotten by so far the way you have been, then consider coming to a retreat that we have several times a year. We have partnered with other veteran organizations such as Camp Brown Bear. If a retreat is not what interests you, then take a look at offerings with our other community partners. Click here and click on their logos to go to their organization Pages.: 


We want to thank you for your service, we recognize you are a wounded warrior, and we want to welcome you into our house.

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    If you have difficulty submitting the application for ANY reason, please give us a call at 859-533-0263 or 859-806-4297.

    Other Resources

    VA Women Veterans Call Center 
    1-855-VA-WOMEN (829-6639)

    VA Crisis Line 
    1-800-273-8255 press 1

    VA Benefits   

    VA Center for Women Veterans   

    Dept. of Health & Human Services
    Office on Women’s Health


    Domestic Violence Hotline            
    800-799-SAFE (7233)

    Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN)

    VA Woman Veterans Health Care

    VA Locations       

    VA National Center for PTSD

    Women’s Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Labor

    Office on Violence Against Women
    U.S. Department of Justice


    Defense Advisory Committee on
    Women in the Services


    Women’s Research & Education Institute www.wrei.org/militarywomen.htm

    Women in Military Service for America