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Lady Veterans Connect, Inc.
Housemother Applicant
11400 Irvine Rd.
​Winchester, KY 40391

Looking for both part time and full time housemothers for around the clock staffing fulfillment.

All positions with Lady Veterans Connect are designed to support the mission in serving our female veterans. Respect and compassion for others and the courage to act accordingly and to have a profound impact on our residents.

Duties and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, monitoring our residents, ensuring they are performing tasks assigned to them, dispensing medication, maintain accurate logs of activities and provide security of the facility.  Will need to be able to work independently and report directly to the Director. Occasionally the position will liaise with volunteers and other community partners to provide facility tours as set by appointment. 

 If interested please download and print the provided employment application.
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    Board Members

    Phyllis Abbott
    Executive Director
    Donna Born
    Director & Secretary
    Theresa Shafer
    Director & Treasurer
    Ronea Fowler
    James Rogers
    June Helligrath
    Addie Mattox

    The former Trapp Elementary School in Winchester, KY which is currently undergoing renovations to become a new housing facility for Lady Veterans.

    Advisory Board

    Phyllis Abbott

    Alan Sutherland

    April Walters

    Josie Jones

    Phoebe Drinker

    Timothy Aven

    Karen Weaver

    Our Core Values

    1. Honesty, Integrity and Transparency: First and foremost, we will always strive to do what is right for our veterans and to ensure their best interests are at the forefront.
    2. Respect: Women veterans are unique and we must recognize the special sacrifice they have made in service to our country. Each resident in Lady Veteran Connect's program will be served with respect and dignity.
    3. Excellence: LVC strives to attain the highest level of care and service while caring for our women veterans. They will be served with compassion, competence, and commitment to ensure their success in LVC's program.
    4. Team: We recognize that to accomplish these values will require teamwork, communication, and cooperation by the volunteers, staff, and partners.

    Our Vision

    ​LVC is an advocate for all women veterans, educating local communities about the issues women veterans are facing and creating a space for them to identify as veterans and be honored and recognized for their service.

    Lady Veterans Connect (LVC) is committed to providing a home where women veterans can heal from the trauma in their lives created by homelessness, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), and military sexual trauma (MST). As these traumas can affect all areas of a woman veteran’s life, LVC provides the opportunity and environment where she can address her unique situation. Additionally, LVC facilitates access to all services and resources available to women veterans and fosters helpful relationships and connections.